Complete Restorations

We have the ability to perform body off frame restorations, complete disassembly, reconditioning or replacing parts as necessary.

Rust and Panel Replacement

After an area has been cleaned it can be determined if a repair can be done or if the panel needs replacement.

Body Work

After all paint has been removed, all metal work or panel replacement completed each part or panel will be straightened and made ready to be primed.

Stock & Custom Paint Work

Final Preparation and attention to detail results in a beautiful stock type finish to an outstanding custom dream.

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            Classic Color Works offers quality workmanship

throughout the entire process, weather it's a one panel repair, a project started elsewhere, or a complete restoration. We have 40 plus years of experience in building, repairing and painting all types of projects.


           Our personalized services will deliver you a cost effective job. We will determine what type of build your looking for, discuss what kind of monthly budget that will work for you, and schedule a starting time.

           As work progresses pictures will be taken and sent to you, along with your monthly billing.


           Please contact us with any questions that you might have, and we will be glad to assist you.


                 "Keep the passion alive and enjoy the drive."